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Savanna Trust is a non-profit organisation that specialises in using theatre, radio drama, and film for social transformation and development. The organisation is also involved in theatre and arts management training, mainstream theatre production, and performance.

Founded in 2006, the organisation is based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The use of the arts enables the tackling of complex issues and topics in a way that is easy for communities to understand and locate their role in dealing with issues that affect them.


We strive for a just and equitable society in which citizens claim their rights and hold their leaders accountable.


To engage citizens through theatre and other art forms to advocate for their rights and transform communities.


We are committed to creating artistic works that engage people in dialogue about the social, political and economic realities that modern society grapple with from time to times.

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Transforming Communities Through Art
'My highlight for the workshop was going to Capitalk fm and being interviewed about my work and the SADC Theatre Camp. I enjoyed learning, re-learning and unlearning old habits of how I work and make work. Collaboration was something I have always had trouble with but after this workshop, I found how to collaborate with complete strangers and turn them into colleagues. I am currently in the process of working on a script that was sparked by Leonard Matsa during the camp.. I am also practising ‘How to make great art’, how to increase my following and be an influential artist all of which are concepts that I learnt from the camp.'
As expected, the first day was a success. I met a man whose perception on life as a whole blew my mind. He called himself Vice, he facilitated a class he called “Leave Yourself Alone”, a class that was to change how i perceived theatre forever. We attended this class every day for about 8 days, and admittedly, none of us left the same way we came. Other classes included Script Writing by Leonard Matsa, Arts Management by Daniel Maposa and a study on New Media by Benjamin Nyandoro’.
If I could, I would apply again next year just to be in a space where cultural exchanges happen so naturally. In these workshops we developed a new vocabulary for conducting the business of the arts, and we will forever be changed for the better as a result of this camp. If anything, we have learnt how to be more honest with ourselves, our collaborators and our audiences when creating our work’.
'The camp was eye opening and thought provoking. After the camp, I was moved to start a theatre organization I called Mtsinje Trust and I am looking forward to working with Savanna Trust in the near future. At the moment we are working on a production called ‘Tribes gone Babel’.

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13 Brailsford Crescent, Hillside, Harare, Zimbabwe



13 Brailsford Crescent, Hillside, Harare,Zimbabwe