Transforming communities through art

Positively impacting social development in marginalised communities around Zimbabwe through creative expressions.

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Our journey began in 2007, where Savanna Trust was established with the intention of advancing social development through high quality professional creative expressions

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Training and Development

The programme focuses on imparting knowledge and skills to community based theatre groups and individual artists on theatre making and performance, arts management, and utlization of creative expression to engage communities. To date, the organization has trained over 25 community theatre groups and 400 artists in theatre making, performance and arts managements.

Radio Drama Production

Radio has remained one of the most reliable and effective tool that Savanna Trust has used over the years to relay critical information and knowledge that is pertinent to the development of our communities.

Through our Radio Dramas, the organization has managed to each millions of people acrossZimbabwe, and has bridged the existential knowledge gaps through thought provoking and entertaining radio drama episodes. Radio has immensely, widely and positively contributed to the work that we do, evidenced through a reach of over 3 million people from over 60 radio drama episodes.

Video Production and Documentaries

Savanna Trust has a capable and highly equipped media department that has gained relevant expertise in creating video productions and documentaries. This is evidenced through productions such as The 1.5 Degrees show, Acting Against Wildlife Crimes Documentary, Chronicles of Cyclone Idai Documentary and various Digital Theatre plays available on online platforms.

Community Engagements

This programme is designed to employ applied theatre models and other creative expressions to engage communities and their leadership on a range of social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues. It capitalises on the power of applied theatre models to tackle complex issues, utilising interactive techniques to promote engagement and learning. The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance knowledge and strengthen citizens’ agency in addressing their challenges.

The programme empowers citizens, particularly those who are marginalised, to develop a deeper understanding of their challenges and to strengthen their capacity to address them. It also creates a safe platform for communities to interact with their leadership and focuses on the creation of inclusive and sustainable community-driven solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each community. This program is implemented in marginalized rural, peri-urban, and impoverished urban areas throughout Zimbabwe whose complex challenges require nuanced approaches.

Mainstream Theatre

Savanna Trust is very active in producing mainstream theatre plays for showcasing and performing at professional theatre venues and festivals, and also for touring locally and internationally. Most of its plays are inspired by the stories of ordinary people from the communities that it works in, and through various social issues that take place in the country such as the Covid 19 which inspired the creation of the play DeathBed.

The play went on to win awards for Best Actor and Actress at the NAMA Awards 2022. Some of the other award winning productions that the organization has produced include: Madam Speaker Sir (2007), Decades of Terror (2008), Half Empty Half Full (2013), Liberation (2016) and Ukama (2019). Some of these plays have toured locally and various theatre venues around the world.

Savanna TV

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A play that interrogates the bonds of family, and the extent to which they can be stretched. Produced during the COVID-19 pandemic, this creative masterpiece examines and depicts the relationship between the diaspora and the Zimbabwean community in terms of handling and understanding the impact and effects of the COVID situation. A NAMA award winning play, this is a must watch production.

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